Math/Sci Freshmen Class of 2027

These assignments are designed to help with your transition to our program in the fall.  Over the course of the summer, work on developing your research topic in Biology, Math practice, and read selected passages from Mindset: The New Psychology of Success for our Freshmen Seminar Series in August.  At anytime, if you have a question about your assignments please email your teacher and they are available to work with you and answer any questions. 

Below, click on the links to access your Research Topic Directions, Summer Reading, Book/Supply List, and PreCalc Practice problems.  Depending on the highest level of math you completed prior to enrolling, please complete the practice questions that correspond with your 8th grade math level (course will be in parenthesizes).  Math is a skill that can atrophy quickly so these quick assignments are designed to keep your skills sharp and do not require an exorbitant amount of time to complete.   

Remember, we are all taking this journey together so please contact us if you have any questions.