At the Math and Science High School our curriculum is constructed to enhanced the skills in self-directed learning, problem solving and critical thinking.  It is designed to immerse the students into the subjects they study through their "core" courses.  The teachers here design their classes with a special goal in mind, getting you to think well within their content area.  Our history teachers want you to think like a historian and our science teachers want you to think like a scientist, so that is the reason why our students conduct three years of research across multiple disciplines to have that real-world applicable experience.

Our curriculum is constantly evolving to reflect best practices in education.  As a program, we are the first school approved to be an AP Capstone Diploma high school in Chesterfield County.  In addition to complementing our course sequencing, the addition of AP Seminar and AP Research will give our students an additional robust experience in cross-curricular research, project management, and an independent study.

What sets Math/Sci apart?